If you would like to know more about t/h e (me ye) a' rt, thru step by step assimilation, a good place to start is at www.fxf.is

go to the left, and see the colored bars : choose the orange bar, and it will roll over, and reveal


click on that 'art and project class' link

here is a sample for you:

The ABC's of Eve/n d & a'r(e)t (a) pr0ject : Par t 0/n e


My intention is to start my own business, while I continue to work in the trades for others, and for myself as Eyepaint & Plaster Company. You can look for this venue at www.eyepaint.co

I am also planning to do very person all (h) (d) a'r (k) t, using my Eve/n d framework and fretwork language tu be (a) t/h e(i) r (h) e AD. The process of income, transmutation of the coup couple dow with war / manufacturing "love" on a gun, process and proceeds start our new econome (ye) i.d. ~ e/b (i) t (h/d) 0ff (t) 0'r (h) e AD ~ (kn) ew/e i.d. : Get more info at www.fxf.is ~ h and deliver e (i)t u be (a) t/h e(i) r (h) e AD (kn) ew/e (ad) s ~

July 6, 2020

stay tuned ...

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